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Differences between sierra cosworth 4x4 and sierra xr4x4?

PostPosted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:08 pm
by Imperialrs
Hi there done a search and older posts show lots of conflicting information regarding the differences between sierra cosworth 4x4 and sierra xr4x4 1986 2.8 v6.

Got some parts and was wondering if someone could kindly tell me what is the identical between cossie 4x4 and xr4x4.


Rear beam, same?
Rear trailing arms?
Rear shafts?
Rear brakes, i have been told these are different to cossie 4x4, someone confirm this? Swap for cossie hubs i believe.
Rear diff same as cossie 4x4?
Rear anti roll bar?
Prop shaft? It has the donut connection if that makes sense?


Front subframe?
Front anti roll bar?
Front diff?

Hopefully someone can help.

Sorry if in wrong section, wasn't sure if this was a technical or general conversation post.