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FORDFAIR PREP...........

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FORDFAIR PREP...........

Postby jimmyson » Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:27 pm

started getting the car ready for next weeks show (fordfair)
got home on friday night got the wheels off the car washed and polished the inner arches
washed and polished the wheels inside and out gave the tyres a wee polish as well
then saturday painted the edges of the discs and touched up the callipers got the car washed and dryed...wheels back on then set about polishing the exhaust.
and that led to some more painting and polishing all the reer suspension and everything ealse under there
ohhh and dont forget there was some beers in there somewhare.........
then today got the engine bay all polished up again and cleaned and hoovered the inside washed the leather and polished everything ealse
that was a hard weekend
will get a couple of coats of polish on the car during the week
fook i hope it stays dry for the run down.............. :D :D
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